Sunday, 29 August 2010


I make no secret of my love of Tunnocks Teacakes. A disc of crisp biscuit, a snowy mound of marshmallow, all covered in, let's face it, rather cheap milk chocolate. They remind me of my childhood, when they were one of the few "bought cakes" my mother would allow in the house (she was, and still is, an excellent cake and biscuit maker).

I love their retro packaging, clearly largely unchanged since the day they were first launched, and they have a distinctly satisfying "mouth feel", being at once soft and crunchy, with melt-in-the mouth milk chocolate. It's a mark of their lasting appeal that there are now cotton tote bags, mugs, cycling jerseys and crash helmets, all with the Teacakes logo.

As a child, I probably had contests with my friends to see who could fit a whole one in their mouth in one go (I probably won); I now eat them in a somewhat more elegant fashion. A staple of lunchboxes and children's parties, their have rather downmarket cousins in the Tunnocks Caramel Wafer (also enrobed with the same slightly waxy milk chocolate). Recently, Tunnocks launched a dark chocolate Teacake, but I am not a fan of dark chocolate, so I doubt very much I'll be cramming one into my mouth in the foreseeable future.


  1. Do you have a recipe how to make these teacakes? I have searched high and low but no I can't find any definitive recipe.

  2. Sadly, no - although I don't think a homemade version could come near to the perfection that is a Tunnocks Teacake!