Tuesday, 28 September 2010


I have a great liking for seafood ("I see food and eat it!" ha ha de ha ha). A good friend of mine, who has known me all my life, still refers to the incident when I declared to her, aged about 5, "I love prawns!" and proceed to eat about a pound of prawns, and then be violently sick. Luckily, the experience did not put me off prawns.... I love mussels and other shellfish (though I do drawn the line at oysters - I simply cannot see the point of them), langoustines, lobster, crab; I have even eaten sea urchins in Croatia! And, aside from the Prawn Incident, I have never been ill from eating seafood. One of my favourite restaurant starters is scallops with black pudding.

In my local Tesco, the little roe-less scallops were on offer today (along with jumbo prawns), so I bought a packet for my lunch. I had a single boiled Charlotte potato left over from last night's supper, so I sliced it and fried it, added a few strips of chorizo, and the scallops, cooked until they were just done (overcook scallops, and they turn rubbery). Add a handful of rocket, and suddenly I had a rather elegant, if a little naughty, lunch. It seemed a fair reward for an hour at the gym and set me up for two hours at the piano. It took all of five minutes to prepare - and was utterly delicious!

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