This comes from Nigella's latest book 'Kitchen', which accompanies her new TV series, in which the Voluptuous One bounces around her fairy-light-lit kitchen, pouting at the camera and batting her eyelashes at raw prawns. It's hot viewing in my house: my son has been glued to the last two episodes. He assures me he is only interested in the food.....

Despite Nigella having become something of a parody of herself, and never forgetting that the term "food porn" was coined after all the finger-sucking in her first TV series, I remain a huge fan of hers. Like Lovable Jamie, she always displays immense enthusiasm for food and is no apologist for ingredients such as butter and cream. Her dishes are imaginative, fun, not overly fussy, nor difficult to make. I've just spent an hour watching Masterchef: The Professionals which is a sort of foodie version of The Apprentice. None of the food which was cooked on the programme appealed to me: I'm not keen on those cheffy, "classic"dishes such blanquette de volaille, and the marinaded grapes with sesame crisps and boozy cream looked most unappetising, despite its elegant presentation.

I decided to try a dish that was advertised as "a fast and easy supper" as I wanted something quick to put before my son when he came back from whatever it is he does with his mates after school. It's basically a deep-pan pancake with a pizza-like topping. It took 5 minutes to prepare and 30 to cook = 35 minutes from raw ingredients to plate. I'm afraid I can confirm that a hungry twelve-year-old does not regard that as "fast and easy". However, he ate it very rapidly and went back for seconds, and pronounced, through a large mouthful of cheese and chorizo, that it was "good". Which is praise indeed for a kid poised on the cusp of teendom!

Serves 2-4, depending on appetite!

1 egg
100g plain flour
salt, to taste
250ml full fat milk (I used skimmed, because I never keep full fat milk in my fridge)
butter or oil for greasing
100g grated Cheddar cheese
50g Chorizo or Pepperoni slices (or bacon lardons, or a scattering of corn, baby tomatoes etc)

Oven 200 C

1 x round ovenproof pie dish approx. 20 cm diameter (but please don't go out and buy one

Whisk together the egg, flour, salt and milk to make a smooth batter. Grease the pie dish. Stir half the grated cheese into the batter before pouring it itself the dish. Bake for 30 minutes, then remove from the oven and arrange the Chorizo/Pepperoni/bacon etc on the top and scatter over the rest of the cheese. Return to the oven and cook for a further 2 to 3 minutes, or until the cheese is bubbling. Serve cut into slices.


  1. just saw this episode. can't wait to try it!

  2. Fantastic thanks!!!

  3. yummy dish..BTW you have a lovely blog...Please check out my blog and follow me..

  4. I've made this a few times - personally I like to add herbs and seasonings to the batter before baking and a smattering of mashed tomatoes (or some pasatta) before the toppings!


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