Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Yes, Demon Cook is a tender one year old. This time last year, it was cold and I was blogging about eating steak and kidney pie in The Guinea, a wonderful old-fashioned pub in Mayfair. Today it is also cold - much colder than this time last year - and later I will be blogging about curry, porridge and other comfort foods.

Meanwhile, I owe a debt of thanks to my dear friend Jacky - for it is she! - who coined the title of this blog (she also calls me Demon Shopper). She has also been one of the main inspirations for it, as she was always requesting my recipes, or asking me how I'd made something. Since most of my recipes are begged, borrowed or stolen from others, a cookbook seemed a bit of a con - and very possibly plagiaristic - so a blog it is. As readers can probably tell, I enjoy the activity of writing about food almost as much as I enjoy the activity of cooking and eating it. Someone, who sampled my monkfish paella over lunch one day, once asked me, "How come you're such a good cook? Did your mother teach you?" to which I answered, "Well, yes, in a way. I learnt a lot from standing next to her in the kitchen." But the real reason why I'm a good cook is because I am very, very greedy. And very interested in food. From the moment I wake in the morning, I am thinking about lunch and, better still, what to have for dinner. I love trying out new recipes, revisiting old ones, hunting out ingredients, and visiting food shops, especially foreign markets and supermarkets, delis, and other interesting suppliers of provenders.

Demon Cook will continue in the same vein, but I am very open to suggestions from readers for improvements or additions to the blog.

Meanwhile, happy reading, and, more importantly, happy eating!

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