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I'm hooked on The Great British Bake Off (GBBO), a competition for amateur bakers which is aired weekly on BBC2. It's tense and funny, mouthwatering and imaginative, with a great cast of characters and a fine cavalcade of cakes, buns, muffins and loaves to enjoy each week. The two judges, Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, are well-matched. Paul is strict, and his soft brown eyes belie his harsh criticism of undercooked pastry cases or bread that was not prove properly, while Mary offers a kinder form of critiquing of the contestants' offerings (hopefully not burnt offerings!).

In my home, GBBO is required viewing. Although I'm not a great cake maker, I do make bread very regularly, and I do like looking at what other people are cooking. The episode which featured Tarte Tatin caused quite a lot of angst in my house, with shouts of "never turn your back when cooking sugar" and "that's not a proper Tarte Tatin!" at the television as the contestants pr…