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The vegetable box, or "veg box", delivered to your door from a farm or organic supplier, is now a familiar aspect of food purchase and consumption for many people, who prefer to eat seasonal fruit and veg rather than asparagus that has been flown in from Peru, out of season.

The meat box is a rather newer innovation, offering organic/outdoor-reared/sustainably-sourced meat and related products, delivered direct to address.

I am an unapologetic meat eater. I like meat and I believe it is an important part of our omnivorous diet. However, I am careful about how I buy meat, preferring free-range rather than factory-produced. The meat box fulfills these requirements while also offering more unusual meats not readily available in the supermarket, such as game, mutton and goat.

When I moved to Portland in Dorset in the summer, I was concerned to find a good meat supplier, since my local supermarket does not really offer what I want to buy and cook with. I saw an advert for The Do…